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Thread: Phoenix Age joins Kabam!

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    Phoenix Age joins Kabam!

    We are excited to announce that Phoenix Age is now a part of the Kabam Family.

    Your account, use of the game, and personal information is now subject to Kabam's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Your continued play indicates your having read the agreements in full and constitutes your acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, the terms of the agreements.

    From one of our co-founders: "We could not be more excited about joining Kabam! Becoming part of their team instantly gives us the expertise, experience, and infrastructure to scale our games to a global level we couldn’t achieve independently."

    How will this affect you?

    While this is certainly exciting for us here at Phoenix Age, this can certainly leave you our players with plenty of questions. We've done our best to answer some of the potential frequently asked questions here in this thread.

    Q: What happens to my game account? Do I need to create a new one?
    A: For the foreseeable future nothing is going to change. You will be able to log into your account like normal and will not need to update your account with any new information.

    Q: Will I lose any game progress? Do I need to restart my account?
    A: Nope! You're account will stay exactly the same and you shouldn't see any differences in gameplay.

    Q: Now that Phoenix Age is under another company can we still expect updates and new content?
    A: Absolutely! You expect the same great Underworld Empire experience with updates and new content. In fact, at the time of this posting, you can expect plenty of new updates soon!

    Q: Is there anything changing about the forums?
    A: Yes and no. The forums now fall under Kabam's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy including their Forum Rules. We highly encourage you to take a look at these as they include some differences.

    As far as creating a new account or anything of that sort, the forums will remain largely the same. We will not be merging them. You will not need to update your login information or worry about changing anything over. Over the next few days will with be updating our policies to fall in line with Kabam's, but for the foreseeable future the forums will remain as is.

    Q: Are there any changes to how I would contact customer support?
    A: Nope! You can continue to contact our customer support team through the same mean you would normally.

    In the words from one of our co-founders: "Ultimately the design choices [of the game(s)] lie within our studio."

    More about the press release can be found here.
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