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Thread: Underworld Herald #8

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    Underworld Herald #8


    Welcome to the Eighth Installment of the Underworld Herald!

    Included in today's issue: Front Page News, Community News

    UPDATE 1.71 IS OUT!
    There is a new update to the game out now - if you still haven't downloaded it, please check your App Store! This was an update mainly focused on user interface refinements - but there were several previous updates that will also be covered here.
    Some notable features (of this and previous updates):

    • 20 new class skills were added to the game. They will all be briefly profiled below.
    • Bosses no longer display XP received.
    • Fall league has ended since the last edition. The winter league is now in full swing for both boss and EvE leaderboards.
    • A one-time opportunity in the form of a promo was released to obtain the epic lieutenant Skull King.
    • Scratchers have been fixed and are now a useful means to obtaining refills, lieutenants, items, and cash.
    • Particle effects have been added to several bosses.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    Please check out the new FAQ thread, written by UWE_Tank. Refer new users to it and reference it yourself!
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________
    New Skills!

    There are now 20 new class skills in game. This gives people many more things to save tokens for and drastically changes traditional EvE tactics. Please refer to this thread for full info about the new skills.
    Below is a brief preview of the new skills for each class.

    All Classes
    Attachment 2885Veteran: All around bonus in EvE as well as extra class coins at the end of battle.


    Attachment 2886Stim Pack - Removes all negative status effects from a target and grants a small amount of “immunity” to that target for most negative status effects (does not resist explosives or booby trap). Also restores a small amount of health. Use of this skill will wake up the target if they are sleeping. Can only be used on a member of your own empire. “Immunity” effect is doubled when used on yourself. Battle Points received upon use: 110

    Attachment 2883Payback - As the same player attacks you, you will deal more counter-attack damage (on average) to them with each successive attack they make on you. This effect reaches a maximum amount of extra counter-attack damage after 5 attacks by that player. The resistance lasts for the entire battle and does not reset on heal or by use of Stim Pack. Translation: if the same player keeps hitting you, you will do an increasing amount of counter-attack damage to them (up to a maximum).

    Attachment 2887Ricochet - On any critical hit you score, there is a chance that you will hit a second target for a percentage of the damage you scored on the original target. Translation: it’s like splash damage for snipers.

    Heavy Weapons
    Attachment 2888Booby Trap - Place a booby trap on target. The booby trap will detonate if the target uses a heal pack or if a Stim Pack is used on them, damaging both the player and their building. Stim Pack “immunity” will not resist the application of booby trap. There is no attack component to the application of a booby trap. Use of this skill will wake up the target if they are sleeping. Can be applied to a target that is already dead. Battle Points received upon use: 110

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    New Favor Point Lieutenants!

    Anson, a new favor point lieutenant, was released the beginning of February. He boasts base stats of 23 attack, 23 defense, and an ability of a 1% increase to boss execution range at star 1.

    He also has several items to supplement him:

    • Bone Saw
    • Paralyzing Pen
    • Bordeaux

    Victoria Vanderbilt, the new favor point lieutenant, has been released. She boasts base stats of 24 attack, 22 defense, and an ability to increase the maximum daily empire donation by $100,000 at star 1.

    She also has several items to supplement her:

    • Gold Plated PPK
    • The Black Card
    • XLX Luxury Convertible

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________
    Re-designed Map Area

    Area 5, Downtown, has been redesigned. Secret Jobs have been released for this area also.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________

    New Spoiler Image!

    Get ready for job area Mexico and the Death Cartel!

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________
    New promo released!

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    Re: Underworld Herald #8

    -User Voodoo Jester and many others voice there concerns about the forums and the game. Join in here.

    -Itsuki Kurosagi has made several updates to her story We could only survive... Here's an excerpt.
    Quote Originally Posted by Itsuki Kurosagi

    The sun streams through the windows, warmth gently caressing the edges of the bed, slowly spreading from the tips of my toes to the top of my forehead and I blink sleepily, before rolling over, stretching and burying my head into a nearby pillow, completely disregarding the goodness of a beautiful morning. Faintly, I hear a chuckle, but groan and fall back to sleep. It can wait until later. Until I smell the tantalizing scent of freshly baked waffles. That, definitely wakes me up. For sure! I think to myself as I attempt to crawl out of bed.

    -KeyserSoze did some snooping and found an unreleased property. See it here!

    -We recently installed a spam filter here on the forums. You should notice less spam in the off-topic section. Unfortunately, this filter sometimes picks up on perfectly legitimate posts! I explain how to deal with this in this post.

    -Vincent reminisces to days past.

    -Empire Assassini Fam went through some turmoil recently - they completely disbanded, with members going to CrimsonWarlords, EmpireShadows, and Goodfellas. Now, they are back together and stronger then ever.

    -Which build do you think is the most efficient? Find out what tha dude has to say.

    "All I wants a hundred million dollars and a bad b...."
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