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Strikers: Always recruiting!
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Thread: Strikers: Always recruiting!

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    Strikers: Always recruiting!

    Help wanted!

    In desperate need of actives!
    Last season: Legend #29
    Current season: Legend #28
    Currently sailing between Legend and diamond.
    We're doing 4 wars a day, participating in 2 and donating regularly will keep you on the roster!

    +3 min tokens
    +10 min HPs
    +lot more great upgrades
    +helpfull ppl with lots of knowledge about the game

    -you might get drafted by a top 10 empire
    -battles currently take a lot of time, at least in diamond

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    Re: Strikers: Always recruiting!

    Got room for a few more actives if anyone's interested pm me 659ADC or find us in war leaderboards we are usually in top 50 legends league💪💪💪

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