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Thread: Underworld Herald #5

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    Underworld Herald #5


    Welcome to the Fifth Installment of the Underworld Herald!

    Included in today's issue: News, Community Highlights, Events


    • Updated to Version 1.51

    This update included: Preparations for the Arena Event, Lieutenant Fusion, Recombinators, Job Area 3 NEW Map, Bug fixes & performance improvements.
    • Former Community Manager Airmid has stepped down from her position to pursue other ventures within Phoenix Age. See this thread for more info.



    • Chosen was defeated just short of winning 300 straight games by Assassini Fam.
    • User Iceline has written a great thread on the new Lieutenant Fusion feature. See it here.
    • Mja introduced Martin (Shown Below).
    • The new To The Devs section is thriving.
    • User Ori Submitted an amazing fan art of Caine (Shown Below).
    • Amplexus put up a cool post on EvE rewards. Check it out here.

    Martin, the businessman

    Ori's Fan Art of Caine
    Future Plans:
    • More promotions (with cheaper minimum prices)
    • Improved server security
    • A new forum event in the near future
    • More secret job releases
    • Update 1.55
    • Other small performance improvements

    Please note all links are in blue.
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