Welcome to the Fourth Installment of the Underworld Herald!

Included in today's issue: News, Community Highlights, Events, Future Plans

  • Updated to Version 1.50
    This update included: Hong Kong, New Boss and Drops, More Special Jobs, Lieutenant Fusion Area (yet to be released), Among other small improvements
    1. New Crate Lieutenant - Panda Girl - aka Hotwire
      Her Special Ability is a % chance to reach into your opponent’s bank and pilfer a small amount of cash
    2. Legendary Weapon - Dragon Fang - available to create in Tech Lab

Image of Dragon Fang - The Tech Lab Legendary Weapon

  • Allexx has created a beautiful piece of fan art (Show Below)
  • New Section - To The Devs
    This is the area you should use if you have a question that can only be answered by the developer team. The forums should be a place were you can talk peer to peer.
  • We had a great event this month - Lieutenant Tales. The winning entry will be used to inspire an in game Lieutenant.
    Congratulations to the over all winner: Jacoband all others that participated!!!! Look forward to more events of the kind in the upcoming months.
  • A few More people have been using Blogs than before. Marco's Laugh Track is hysterical.
  • Miss Underworld - Tied winners of the Poll include Tony Federico and Zombie Girl.
  • Suspension (permanent) of accounts found to be using exploits
  • Matt3600's Bullet in the Chamber Series recently had an update

Fan art image by user Allexx

Future Plans:
  • Arena - PvP Event
  • More Promotions (there will be less expensive promotions included)
  • Game Guru Open Applications
  • More Secret Job Releases
  • War Logs
  • Release of Lieutenant Fusion
  • Other small improvements to the game

This has been a hectic month for all of us. Both players and developers. Between working on the release of new content and dealing with the players who decided, instead of reporting issues and bugs, to exploit weaknesses of the game, there has been a lot going on. I apologize for the stress and excitement. Hopefully this upcoming month is a little more low key and less stressful with a lot more fun involved! There are some new things coming out that I can not tell you about since it is to be a surprise but I really think everyone will love what is coming.

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