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Playing again after a year
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Thread: Playing again after a year

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    Playing again after a year

    So been away for at least a year. Probably year and a half.
    Decided to give this another shot.

    Quite a bit has changed since I've played last like
    Sidekicks (some questionable ones considering it's a "mafia" game)

    New crates
    Some EvE boost thing that flashes up and gives components.

    I mainly play for EvE, and started off as a power leveller. And am level 3 titan.

    Stats are as follows:

    E: 1818
    S: 901
    D: 500
    A: 2942
    H: 300

    Seated LTs for EvE are:
    4* Sophia
    5* brutas
    3* Scythe
    3* viper
    3* Black Knight

    I seat other LTs for health buff so end up with about 6000 health then switch to above which all have defence buffs.

    Just wondering what LTs have recently come out that would complement the build as I think I would want to swap out Black Knight for someone with a better ability.


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    Re: Playing again after a year

    Seems that you have an attacking titan build. A lot of attacking titans go for damage buff lts coupled with the pounce side kick to bull rush harder. Row damage can be quite effective with stackable dmg lts. I.e. hyena, gman, vigilante

    From a defensive point of view can go a few ways, again players like to stack abilities. Dodge set up, dmg mitigation set up, combination of both.

    Stacking abilities seems to be the trend amongst the vast majority of players as its more effective than lots of different abilities at low star.

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    Re: Playing again after a year

    Scratch that. I have the attack and defence mixed up!

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