Remove money from challenge jobs.
Replace money with recombinators.
Replace recombinators with splitters.
For example shark tank, sumo match and desert rain:
30-99% completion x% chance to receive recombinator or random lieutenant, no money.
100% completion x% chance to receive random lieutenant or epic splitter, no money, no recombinator.
Desert rain = epic splitter
Sumo match = epic splitter
Shark Tank = epic splitter
Lucha Libre = rare splitter
Truffle hunt = rare splitter
Afternoon Tea Race = rare splitter
Shaolin Temple = rare splitter
Bear wrestling = rare splitter
Machete spaghetti = uncommon splitter
Dutch deathski = uncommon splitter
Gunshow = uncommon splitter
Street brawl = uncommon splitter
Fight to the death = uncommon splitter
Build a reputation = common splitter
High roller = common splitter
Drinking contest = common splitter
Street race = common splitter
Street fighter = common splitter

I would rather receive a recombinator @ 93% completion than money!
BSI players with 250 stamina will olso have a chance to obtain splitters.
Receive a random splitter @ 100% completion 1:5:20:50