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Thread: Not getting class coins from war

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    Not getting class coins from war

    I am not receiving winnings from late night wars. Itís happened a few times now.
    I play in the war. Fall asleep. Wake up in the am and log back in and it doesnít give me the CC or anything.
    Usually it will splash on the screen.

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    Re: Not getting class coins from war

    Hi, could you please show us more infos about it: the platform, version

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    Re: Not getting class coins from war

    Yeah there needs to be a better mechanism for collecting from war because its not working properly. As far as i understand you can collect for the first hour after war. The second hour after war it wont let you collect and it wont autocollect. Then it should autocollect after the second hour has passed.
    This would be ok but its not working. I just played in the last war and i didnt collect, when i was going through my toons(over two hours after war ended) i noticed i didnt have and CC for the daily achievement for collecting 250 CC. So even though the autocollect function should have triggered it didnt and i couldnt get it to trigger and i cant collect in any way because the collect function disappears after that first hour after war. Seems like theres got to be a more full proof way to deliver the rewards from war.

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    Re: Not getting class coins from war

    Ok it popped

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    Re: Not getting class coins from war

    Same thing happened to me.
    Joined late night EVE war and fell asleep, did not finish or collect war.
    Next morning set alarm for morning war and the EVE rewards did not pop.
    Look to me you have to set the alarm 30 min early because if EVE menu turns from green to red for next war and you haven't collected from previous EVE war rewards are lost?

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    Re: Not getting class coins from war

    This problem is reported by several players, but majority reported that they don't have it. So, multiple clarifications are needed in order for the devs to try and find the root cause.

    At the very least, please report your operating system and the device you are using. I don't think it affects all Androids (for instance), so a simple mention of them is probably not enough.

    On another note, the next time you enter game, please press on the Menu button before doing anything else, to force a game - server sync. Sometimes it helps.

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    Re: Not getting class coins from war

    Iím not receiving any rewards from war either. I donít usually stick around after to collect because I usually receive rewards later. I noticed the last couple of days that theyíre not popping up

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