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Thread: Double time bombs

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    Double time bombs

    Saw in a war log that two time bombs were hitting my character at a time. Figured it was just a mistake but it kept on happening so i checked to see if was actually hitting with two each time and it was.
    So obviously there is some sort of exploit. I dont really care but i would like to know how to do it at least so if anyone could hook me up with the technique id appreciate it.

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    Re: Double time bombs

    I didn't see double time bombs before. Sometimes the log acts weirdly and it doubles the log, are you sure it was not that? Also, you should receive a "target already bombed" when trying to place the second one.
    Maybe a Poppy /RC error?

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    Re: Double time bombs

    from time to time it shows on war log that two have gone off, some times I have seen it say the same time bomb has gone off 5 or 6 times too, would be cool if it was actually was happening but nope.

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