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Thread: Poor execution bonus % and drop rate

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    Poor execution bonus % and drop rate

    I had to execute 84 players to get 1 crate chard from Cement shoes.
    Look at Orcas counter for proof.
    Why do I have to spend all my stamina to get 1 common chard?
    Something must be done about the execution BONUS %
    During Casino Royale War Shark additional execution methods were available that gave a chance of stealing easter royale items.
    The BONUS % was 45%
    Why can't they make all executions BONUS 45%
    Put a daily limit on those executions that are to overpowering.

    I gave up, I don't do PVP executions anymore.
    And I don't execute on MMB and bosses anymore either I just keep on hitting.
    Someone else can execute the boss.
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