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Storm Claw on a titan
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Thread: Storm Claw on a titan

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    Storm Claw on a titan

    Are u sure that Storm claw really works on a titan? How works armor regeneration?

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    Re: Storm Claw on a titan

    Storm claw works with Rally for Titan

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    Re: Storm Claw on a titan

    You're right, but i'm talking about this:

    Storm Claw: Boost super skills for tier2 classes, reduce CD and opening CD.
    1*-Armor generation increase 3%, reduce CD by 5m, opening CD by 1m.
    2*-Armor generation increase 8%, reduce CD by 10m, opening CD by 2m.
    3*-Armor generation increase 14%, reduce CD by 15m, opening CD by 3m.
    4*-Armor generation increase 23%, reduce CD by 20m, opening CD by 5m.
    5*-Armor generation increase 34%, reduce CD by 25m, opening CD by 7m.
    6*-Armor generation increase 47%, reduce CD by 30m, opening CD by 9m.
    7*-Armor generation increase 62%, reduce CD by 35m, opening CD by 11m.
    8*-Armor generation increase 79%, reduce CD by 40m, opening CD by 13m.
    9*-Armor generation increase 100%, reduce CD by 45m, opening CD by 15m.

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    Re: Storm Claw on a titan

    From the original thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by UWE_Duke View Post
    Only works on Rally, Impale, Incinerate and Rush.

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    Re: Storm Claw on a titan

    Per star it adds a % on top of what you would normally get.

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