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Thread: Transfer account from apple to android

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    Transfer account from apple to android


    I am wondering how i can tranfer my main account from apple to android? It is currently on an ipod that no longer receives upgrades because of it's age. I only use Samsung phones and have been told it is possible to have it transferred over.


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    Re: Transfer account from apple to android

    Please talk with Support about this request. Use these methods:

    As I understood it is not done over night, but it is possible.

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    Re: Transfer account from apple to android

    i'm a happy ios to android user. I managed to trf 3 accounts from Ios to android

    It would take time but it's possible. Patience is key ( as well as your character info)

    First i hope you have binded your accounts to your single email .- if yes then follow the below steps

    contact support and state your problem
    they would send a reply asking ur character details
    army code
    in game name
    current level
    base attack
    base defence

    It would take time for the customer support to share these details to the developers, they would check it and if all good then they would trf it to ur andoid device.

    i repeat it would take time - approx 20 days.

    do keep following up.

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