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    iOS Account

    Hey everyone. I have 2 iTunes accounts with characters on both accounts. Is there anyway I can get all of my toons to pop up in “Character Transfer”

    Thanks Guys

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    Re: iOS Account

    You need 2 devices, keep in mind that one device can only house 5 toons...

    It’s a process I can’t reallt remember 100%. But do a quick google and you’ll find the result.

    Edit: this
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    Re: iOS Account

    I think he is asking to switch between accounts connected to 2 different Game Center on same phone.
    I don't think it will be implemented any time soon. Binding one account to a single Game Center it was implemented to stop account trading. Account trading, selling or sharing is not supported.

    Edit: I think I didn't explained it thoroughly. I read the request as character transfer inside the game between accounts connected to different game centers. And not having to log out / log in from the Game Center accounts in the phone.
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