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Predict next EVE war opponent
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Thread: Predict next EVE war opponent

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    Question Predict next EVE war opponent

    Hi Developers and designers

    Is there any way we can predict the next EVE opponent?
    For example I lost this EVE war and I am currently 550 in Gold league,
    who will be my next opponent in EVE for next war?

    Chris and Jason from Lords of War II could predict the next EVE opponent.
    I don't know how they did it.
    For example they predicted the next opponent will be Lightning Strike and we all stayed awake to watch Lightning Strike in action.(war was over in 10min but it was still fun to watch)
    There prediction was correct.
    How did they calculate or predict the next EVE opponent?

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    Re: Predict next EVE war opponent

    You can look at your rank and what teams are around that rank but as far as i am aware there is not way to exactly predict your opponent. So unless they have some insight or data that we don't have it was just a lucky guess.

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