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Vigilante & Tusk
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Thread: Vigilante & Tusk

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    Vigilante & Tusk

    Are these powers the same?

    Vigilante - % damage and % shield

    Tusk - % deflect back to attacker

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    Re: Vigilante & Tusk

    Believe Tusk only counts in counterattacking.
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    Re: Vigilante & Tusk

    Hmmm, never thought about that, but yeah, they seem similar.
    Probably Tusk deflect a bit more damage as counterattck. Not sure if the + % damage from Vigilante works as counterdamage also, although it is worded like it should.

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    Re: Vigilante & Tusk

    I think they are very different. Tusk’s damage is dependent on the attackers damage (so attacker does 1k damage it deflects a certain percentage of that 1k) whereas vigilantes damage is based on the defenders counter damage. Tusk also only works when being attacked. Vigilante adds damage on attack and defense.

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    Re: Vigilante & Tusk

    Vigilante - % damage and % shield **Base on own stat

    Tusk - % deflect back to attacker **Base on attacker stat

    That make sense. If I'm low level getting hit by higher level then Tusk would be good option. If I'm higher level, then Vigilante.

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