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Thread: Survey about the game!

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    Post Survey about the game!

    We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your gaming experience!
    Hit the link below, complete the survey, and win the gifts!

    - ALL participants: Stamina Drink x 1
    - Random lucky players: Crate Roll x1

    DEADLINE: 04/20 23:59 PDT
    We will give out the gifts when the survey ends!

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    Re: Survey about the game!

    Sara, Isis, Ficus and Donovan are underpowered.
    They never process/trigger?
    Thank you for reading

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    Re: Survey about the game!

    Modify the random mechanism of super crate. Make super crates can always reward Lts that the player have not owned! One of the great part of this game is collecting all Lts! But sometimes we just miss some heist or not capable to win the boss in some heist. I think super crate should help player make up the pities that missing some epic Lts. That is also why I love the update about the Black Web, where player have the chance to get uncommon Lts they missed before.

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