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    Rogue players

    What will happen if I encourage rogue or FFA in beginning of EVE war?
    Think about it for a minute.
    I'd rather take 80 active rogue players over 60 red dots?
    No more inactives or meat shields.
    No more waiting for officer to login and give calls.
    2 years ago we faced LS (I am not going to name names)
    LS had a minimum of 40 players log in the first 5 min, war was over in 10 min
    Late login did not even get a token off!
    No more "waiting" for demo because there is a healer who heals every second.
    First come first serve, you snooze you loose.
    I think if you have rogue players who hit empire from all sides 1,4,7,3 or 9 they won't know where to defend and where to attack.
    Empire with most actives and points win
    Rogue snipers and assassins attacking 3 or 9 (back door)
    Terminators attack front row
    Common sense, you can't heal if you only have 1 or 2 tokens and dead
    Min 6 tokens before you heal
    Leave x amount of AP and HP for HQ, armory and hospital.
    All other buildings are fair game
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