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Thread: Rogue players

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    Rogue players

    What will happen if I encourage rogue or FFA in beginning of EVE war?
    Think about it for a minute.
    I'd rather take 80 active rogue players over 60 red dots?
    No more inactives or meat shields.
    No more waiting for officer to login and give calls.
    2 years ago we faced LS (I am not going to name names)
    LS had a minimum of 40 players log in the first 5 min, war was over in 10 min
    Late login did not even get a token off!
    No more "waiting" for demo because there is a healer who heals every second.
    First come first serve, you snooze you loose.
    I think if you have rogue players who hit empire from all sides 1,4,7,3 or 9 they won't know where to defend and where to attack.
    Empire with most actives and points win
    Rogue snipers and assassins attacking 3 or 9 (back door)
    Terminators attack front row
    Common sense, you can't heal if you only have 1 or 2 tokens and dead
    Min 6 tokens before you heal
    Leave x amount of AP and HP for HQ, armory and hospital.
    All other buildings are fair game
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    Re: Rogue players

    I think you'll end up losing winnable wars because instead of going for key targets rogues tend to cherry pick the easiest hits.

    We've come across the very active rogue empire. Had more than double our actives. Made it to second row on us and were stopped dead.

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    Re: Rogue players

    OK, thank you.
    You can't win them all.
    As long as they are active and having fun right?
    But do you think it will work for high gold, low platinum empires?
    Something must be done to promote activity?
    Do players even know they get xp from spending tokens win or loose?
    The more tokens they spend the more class coins they get win or loose?
    Players don't even bother to login for EVE heist?
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