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Thread: Beast Tamer and stamina drop rate

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    Beast Tamer and stamina drop rate

    First of all nothing wrong with energy drop rate.
    Second I don't have a problem with spending favor points or uncapped refills on Beast Tamer event.
    After numerous tests during Casino Royale and Beast Tamer event I get more item drops from energy than stamina.
    Let's say I have 2000 energy and 1000 stamina in theory I should get the same amount of iron chains and bones from using energy or stamina because 1000 stamina = 2000 energy.
    1 stamina cost 2 SP
    If I use stamina the drop rate should be double.
    This morning I used 1000 stamina + 10 FP refill to get 100 iron chains.
    In theory I should have gotten all 100 iron chains from 1000 stamina (2000) energy.
    Tomorrow 00:00 reset time I will use only 2000 energy and I will get all 100 iron chains from just energy alone.

    If I made a mistake I am sorry
    Feel free to correct me

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    Re: Beast Tamer and stamina drop rate

    what I normally notice is stamina has been dropping a lot of 1s of whatever the item is in events lately so have not been bothering to try and get the rewards when all you are going to get is 1 collar or chain

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    Re: Beast Tamer and stamina drop rate

    I've noticed the same. using 40 stamina hits on a boss and about every 5th time I'm rewarded it is 10 chains, the other 4 rewards are 1 or 2 chains. I can't really say I'm having much better luck with Energy drops.

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