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    Really imbalanced sodekick for the heavy spenders. This will make ghosts best classes in the game and make impossible for the free players even to compete for few kills... Imagine 10k crits non stop vs titans this is just ridiculous. Need to be urgently fixed.
    I agree, to an extent. It will definitely be too strong for heavy spenders but then again those people are what is keeping the game alive so it is kind of good to release something OP and give them more reason to spend... But yes for anyone who gets this sidekick to around 6*, the power gap between him and someone who doesnít have this sidekick is just too great. It allows ghosts to get 100% crit very easily.

    I am a level 7 ghost myself and I think this sidekick is insanely OP. And the fact that only the people who are able to spend on this event will be able to do this is unhealthy for the game. It will definitely drive new players away from the game as soon as they realize they have no chance to ever get the insane bonuses to adrenaline rush. For ghosts, it is stronger than any epic LT even though it is just. a sidekick.

    This sidekick NEEDS to be obtainable in some way from the EvE hunt option, even if they make it a 1/1000 chance... just so that people who donít get it from this event at least have some sliver of hope to get it in the future. Also it needs to make adrenaline rush cost 1 extra token if it is seated. And the maximum crit % and crit % damage needs to be reduced to around 20% maximum at 9 stars. It is just too powerful.
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