I'm not a lawyer, but I pretend to be one at dinner parties.

I was able to roll about 120 of the crates on one account, others claimed up to 800. More than one person noticed it was almost exactly an epic every 25 rolls. I rolled a total of 4 epics on my rolls, almost 1 every 25 rolls.

The crates all claim 5% epic chance. 1 in 25 is 4%. What the crate roll cluster did was allow us to roll $1000s of dollars on crates at one time and show that the RNG is not "random.". Only a handful of people have probably rolled that many crates at one time. Selling one crate or even 3 at a time, you can get all commons and still be RNG. We get angry, but that can happen with true RNG.

Other games have been sued over fake RNG numbers.

They have admitted to slanting RNG for phone pieces, and we all have our suspicions that Sara pieces are not RNG. But those aren't bought, though you could argue that if you buy refills, you are spending money on bosses and to complete daily achievements. Still those items are not directly for sale.

But advertising crates at a certain percentage and then not actually delivering those percentages seems like fraud to me.