I sent multiple emails, yet, no response! I spent $1500 on this last event and I got to receive 2 epic rolls! One roll, I received Irena, the other, was Lady Vice. Instead, I somehow have Miho, instead. I’m very upset considering I’ve been a loyal spender for 5 years. $1500 to throw on an event is a lot of money for a lot of people, and I earned my vice. I didn’t SS because I was excited and was going to star her up right then and there, then she wasn’t there and Miho was, an LT I never rolled! My army code is: 047cec, I don’t expect this issue to be fixed, because everyone will say, I have no proof. Servers don’t seem to be running right, so I hope you guys can see it on your end! Unfortunately, if this issue isn’t resolved, I will most likely stop playing. Thanks!