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Thread: Class change

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    Class change

    Iím currently a reaper but it seems like us reapers are constantly being undermined as Titans/Ghosts/Terminators dominate the EvE playing field. This has lead me to wonder if I should change to something different. ( to stay in meta and also to try out something new )
    Iím on the verge of maxing my reaper but I now want to try to take on a more defensive role in EvE. ( specifically Titan - seems fun to play )

    However, the problem is that Iím all-out attack which has made me apprehensive to committing to this change of class. I have around 4k+ base attack as of now meaning that I would need 400 stat converters. I have 160 stat converters so Iím just about halfway there.

    But I need your opinion on a few matters before I commit to this change.

    1) Should I change?
    2) If I do change should I convert stats or is an all-out attack Titan viable?
    3) Should I split stats or aim towards an all-out defense Titan?
    4) My EvE health is 2200 is that enough for a Titan?
    5) Is Titan fun to play!

    p.s. only me and one other guy in my empire so no one would care if I changed classes. we float around gold/plat.

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    Re: Class change

    I have a particular fondness of the titan class myself.

    1) Having been playing it since the week they were unlocked, I would suggest unlocking it. I unlocked all the 2nd tier classes just to slow-level them on bosses since I am switching classes based upon what I face on join.

    2) Attack Titan is *very* viable.

    3) Play with it as all attack until you have level 5 skills. You will shred attackers with your vengeance once it is maxed. Once you have your nanosuit, bull rush and reinforce ar max, then decide if you want to convert.

    I suspect the only draw to split at that point would be for bigger rally armor but you should supersede that with a high attack using bull rush and having nano/reinforce stack on attacks.

    4) It can be, but if at all possible you would want to add a health inner circle for joining EvE. Stack a circle with health insignias/LTs and switch out of it once EvE starts.

    5) Level 10 Titan, and I no longer receive any class XP from EvE.....and I am still playing it.

    I hope this helps

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    Re: Class change

    If you donít spend at all, play reaper because reaperís plague is always useful and impale and executions work even if you canít hit for wins. If you do spend a bit, I think Titan is overall the strongest class for a low to moderate spender, even though the classes do all have their respective strengths. I used to only play ghost but I think ghost requires you to have extremely high attack, IE be a heavy spender.

    So Iíve started to level up titan class even though I had built my account to be a ghost. Offensive titans with bull rush still do very good damage and are still extremely tanky because of nanosuit and the the damage reduction passive. Also if you can get Midas heís VERY strong for Titans because he doubles your entire bull rush damage when he procs.
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    Re: Class change

    I know this may be a stupid question but if I should choose to go with offensive Titan should I have a offense set up?

    My current set up is:

    But I do have some defensive lieutenants like:
    Captain Drake
    Mr Nuts

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    Re: Class change

    I do.

    My Titan is split build.

    I have an EvE attack circle and an EvE defending circle.

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    Re: Class change

    An all-attack Titan with maxed Bull Rush and splash Lts (Whiplash, Valkyrie, Rocket, Morningstar) can be an absolute beast.

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