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Thread: Recombinators from executions ?

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    Recombinators from executions ?

    What do peeps think of the idea of earning recombs via executions?
    Something like 2% chance or something.

    As a PvP player I would love the chance to earn recombs via duelling/warring. I need more!!

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    Re: Recombinators from executions ?

    I like the ideea, but 2% is too low. Even the 5% from last row seems to never trigger.

    Or, you know, just remove recombinators. Loosing 2 lts is payment enough.

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    Re: Recombinators from executions ?

    Not to be annoying, but next to my stockpile of cc, omakases etc. are my recombs.

    Maybe a shop in deeper web from the dark web where I can trade my recombs for things I need. And where people that need recombs can get them for ? (Fp)

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    Re: Recombinators from executions ?

    And a little add, I donít mind you guys getting an x for recombs. But I like to have that at 100% and going there getting all those extra recombs is making me a little depressed

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    Re: Recombinators from executions ?

    From the devs point of view it needs to be low enough that it's still a 'grind' / chore / achievement.
    If anything the cost should be roughly equivalent to a recombination dropping from a dice job or something.

    I, of course, would prefer to not require them at all! But atm and for the foreseeable future they'll be sticking around. So getting more of them would be nice through methods of play that I currently do a lot of.

    I'm happy for the drop to only be at 100% ... as mentioned I like teh PvP

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    Re: Recombinators from executions ?

    Make some executions 100 % bonus and put a daily limit like the last row.

    When PA and KABAM first introduced recombinators to dice jobs that was the only thing that dropped.
    Players had 150+ recombinators and no lieutenants to fuse.
    They tweaked the % and now it is the same as legendary item from boss.

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