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Thread: 2 hour battles

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    2 hour battles


    Do SOMETHING about EvE!

    15 minutes of throwing tokens, 30 minutes doing something else.

    5 minutes throwing tokens. 30minutes doing something else.

    5 minutes, 30 minutes.

    5 minutes to finish.


    1 hour battles. Double or half everything.

    Start with 20tokens, cut token time in half, etc.

    These wars are getting boring.

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    Re: 2 hour battles

    I agree. You can have an opt in button for them if you want in the empire settings for manager and underboss.

    Time for a shake up. Generate a random nuke to help speed things up in slower wars.

    Generate an earthquake that destroys random amounts of building health and player health.

    Something, Iím in a top 10 empire, but Iíve been through the brutal 2 hr wars where everyone pretty much leaves and come back with 15 minutes left.

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