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Thread: Cthulu is retiring

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    Cthulu is retiring

    Iím stepping down as a moderator and Game Guru everyone.

    Itís been a wonderful 4 years. I have loved this game and the people very much. Itís time for me to put the phone down, pick up my head and see what the next interesting part of my life will be. Rest assured you will not be easily forgotten. I may come back in the future, not sure yet but for now Iíll be stepping away.

    Good luck everyone and play nice!
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    Re: Cthulu is retiring

    Sorry you have to leave us

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    Re: Cthulu is retiring

    Good luck for the future Cthulu. Im sure you will be missed by all of the UE gaming community. 👍

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    Re: Cthulu is retiring

    You will be missed!

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    Re: Cthulu is retiring

    Oh, man. Sorry to hear.
    Good luck in your next endeavors ✌️

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    Re: Cthulu is retiring

    You will be greatly missed. Thank you for your support.

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    Re: Cthulu is retiring

    It was a great pleasure having you here, we really appreciate your help. We will be missing you so much, All the very best!

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    Re: Cthulu is retiring

    Good luck Cthulu!  0795

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    Re: Cthulu is retiring

    Ty cthulu!! Ty for everything

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    Re: Cthulu is retiring

    Thanks for your witty analysis and helps all this time. Wishing you all the best mate, cheers!

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    Re: Cthulu is retiring

    Like everyone has said, tyvm, gl in the future, you will be missed.

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