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Thread: Question about 70 fp hunt x3

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    Question about 70 fp hunt x3

    I asked this same question in the other room but ill ask here and maybe i will get a response. The hunt x3 for 70 fp..... is confusing. The huntx1 gives you 3 hunts so does the huntx3 give you 9 hunts? Does it hust give you 3 hunts at the same time? Im just confused. I looked on the forum and in the description and i havent been able to find a definitive answer and i dont want to spend the fp for 3 hunts if thats the case. Thanks for the help from the devs or anyone else that may know the answer

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    Re: Question about 70 fp hunt x3

    Got the answer in the other room right as i asked

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    Re: Question about 70 fp hunt x3

    It gives you three sidekicks at once

    Same mechanic in future Call of the Wilds for any new players
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