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Game just got super slow
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Thread: Game just got super slow

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    Game just got super slow

    Trying to login but wow is it ever painfully slow..... was fine 15 Min ago but right now something is way wrong. Plz fix...

    Android tab s2 tablet.

    Members of my empire on iOS having same issue

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    Re: Game just got super slow

    Bit of a wobble before the event.

    Should resolve in a couple hours
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    Re: Game just got super slow

    Since no one updated this post I will. On Discord Duke stated that the internet provider cleared cache.

    Basically all the quick pull info got deleted so now the server has to do a full execute call on every command and I would imagine itís bogging down the servers.

    Example. Switching load outs lagged for about 30 seconds, but after loading that loadout once there was no lag switching to said loadout.

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    Re: Game just got super slow

    Still getting the timed out error :/

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