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Thread: Reaper or Ghost

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    My LTS are a 2* Overkill 2* Zachary 3* pitbull 3* Fox 3* Tagg

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    I wanna do damage but don't wanna be a ghost or sniper.

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    Quote Originally Posted by Jdaigle22 View Post
    I wanna do damage but don't wanna be a ghost or sniper.
    Bury term were situational player damage dealer. Means you had to hold your tokens while seeing building opens to demo until you see building with many players to unleashed all your tokens to. Bury unlocked at level 2 so you had to undergo some process of hitting shields/building until you leveled.

    And like Ctulhu said, if your empire lacking demo it seems not quite appropriate for terms to stay idle waiting for open building with lots of player, even worse if you finally find the building - did you had the appropriate skills (big guns) to deal massive damage?

    I'm reaper biased on this one (because am reaper lol) get some decent starred rare or uncomon into your loadout to replace tagg/fox - i.e Gman, illusionist, mayday, etc to boost damage/winning chance or going into critical build (pain, alpha, etc) are your options. You got bloodlust at first and depending on your playstyle you also get capping ability (harvest) which if you already had good stats- you're prolly want to stay away of it for awhile unless of course you are main capper of your empire.

    Bloodlust gets its true potential if you already at minimum 4000 att power (forget where this number come from) stack it 10 times and you're good to go. Plague are your main weapon though, its arguably one of the best skill out there with deflect and others. Ambush procs with fransesca/Layla? You get 1 token. Low on health? You can lifesteal consistently if you're dealing 600+ damage on the basis.

    So TLDR, reaper with good stats, decent Lts, crit builds and lots of luck can deal moderate damage consistently. While Terms with decent Lt and good stats are more versatile to your empire - you can demo if needed and deal MASSIVE (yes massive) damage in some situation with bury and incinerate.

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    Wow thanks for all the info. I do have a 4* pain and a 4" Blink. I lost an insignia slot by getting rid of my 3* tagg and fox.

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    With that change in loaded out I am at 11% crit and 6% crit damage

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    I'm not saying you had to get rid of em at the soonest lol might want to build your crit gaining lt star first, if you were really going into crit build path - the crit damage % was less of your worry.. The crit rate was the most important thing while hoping overkill would proc on one of your hits. Overall Damage %? Now thats another story - more damage will net you bigger damage overall with/without overkill procs.

    most of reaper with crit builds i knew (this was based on my experience not the universal truth) sits their crit rate at 20%++ with lts and insigs.

    Or if somehow landed free chance or token gains Lt (frank, fransesca, layla or even the token stealer sidekick) in theory in latter level you might go frenzy on ambushing sleeping/stunned target.

    Please keep in mind that i am not crit builds reaper, i'm damage % build and it serves me amd my empire well.. even if i will not be as strong as ghost i could still deal good damage and without using any pack (health or armor) - if there are any crit build reaper please chime in
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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    My damage % is only .44. I just figured a crit would be better seeing how I have overkill and other higher leveled crit LTS

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    What's your loadout

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    I had two loadout, one which i use to ensure more wins to stack bloodlust / applying plague - and one for damage boost after stacking bloodlust or to do precise blade.

    But in general my loadout are consisted of:
    3* hyena, 4* star chastity (5% damage for every ttpe of debuff - plague,napalm,tag etc), 5* illusionist, 5* G-man, and 4* alpha
    I equipped the toon with only insignia with damage%, that combined with boost from hyena and Gman nets me around 33% damage boost. With 4 debuff i gain 20% more. Adds the bloodlust 10 stacks 20% more. So i like to think that i got around roughly 70% damage boost.

    Indeed in your case crit would worked out better, had i gotten overkill - i probably build my reaper as crits. But to maximize overkill you need to hit more crits thats why i say getting more crit rate % are more important than crit damage %.

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    I have 4623 attack power. Found it under character sheet. Has all the stats like pvp and all that.

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    Or I have a level 270 who might be a bit more pliable with LTS no overkill bit I can still get promo packs.

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    Im a level 10 reaper so here is my 2 cents.
    Reapers are the best class for earning CC.
    Reapers are the best class at getting wins.
    As a level 3 ghost i do on average 10-30k more damage but as a reaper i earn about 50 more CC. Basically reaper gets me 8-9k battle points and ghost gets me 6-7k.
    Ghosts are more suited to someone who checks in once in a while and dumps, reapers are more for people who stay all war because you want those sleepers. I like both classes and i probably would have stayed reaper forever if i hadnt maxed it out totally. I also have a level 8 terminator and a level 8 titan. Terms good for nepalming in the start but can be easily negated with stims. Bury is so situational that youll probably never get to change the outcome of the battle because by the time you have hit a building stacked with guys you have probably already secured the win. Titans arent too great for damage but can be great for taking out big guys that are next to small guys and if you have whiplash with alot of splash lieutenants youcan be decent. Since you have overkill and are concerned about doing high damage i would go ghost. Hope that helps.

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    Ok so if I am going for a crit build reaper. Would I better to use my existing high level or go for broke on a new toon. My man has them and ghost unlocked. So levelling assassin is slow

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    I do have overkill on my main

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    Well if you want to go the reaper route i would recommend trying to build it around free tokens. So like Layla, francesca, frank. These work in conjunction with your ambush skill (if all proc you can actually gain tokens on a hit). If you have a titan on your team you can get all sleep hits if you do it right. If you like the reaper crit build i would just use your main, and if you dont have 5 toons build a new one and plan it out down to what crates you want to roll, what events you want to try at etc. good luck

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    Ok so maybe make a new one

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    I've been playing ghost for awhile but considering a change to reaper, definitely at my strongest with a crit loadout for ghost just wondering which LTs would work best with reaper class? (Assuming maxed reaper although I'm nowhere near that.) Here's what I have to choose from:

    8* Alpha
    6* Overkill
    7* Francesca
    5* Reaper
    5* Gustavo
    5* Spectre
    9* Envy
    9* Layla
    9* Gman
    9* Pain

    Have some nice dmg LTs since I sometimes play term and help demo. Roughly 22k atk power although it varies a little depending on the loadout; most of those LTs are similarly-strengthed aside from Alpha and OK

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    Also could somebody comment on what a few of those skills look like when maxed please? I'm curious about shadow strike 3 and ambush 3 mostly

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    Re: Reaper or Ghost

    Quote Originally Posted by ཀརཧϮཇཞ ཞཇཇ View Post
    Also could somebody comment on what a few of those skills look like when maxed please? I'm curious about shadow strike 3 and ambush 3 mostly
    Plague, disable and harvest were out of questions, bloodlust - 20% att power and damage at 10 stacks, shadow strike - 15% more damage when alive and 60% more when dead, ambush - 30% chance not using tokens on. Sleeping/stunned enemies, precise blade - 240% damage using 2 tokens, lifesteal - 10% on offensive wins. All on lvl 3.

    With your load out you could probably do free actions most of time when hitting stunned/sleeping enemies, hell i would probably have 2 attacking loadout with your Lts - one for hitting inactives/sleeping/stunned guys for extra tokens and one to try hitting for crits once bloodlust were stacked.

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