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Thread: Battle Royale Event - Executions

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    Battle Royale Event - Executions

    Hi Devs,

    Hope you're well? Must say after a postponed start to event I am enjoying it so far so kudos.

    In regards to any future Battle Royale type event is there anyway you can load the exection screen in reverse order? Mainly for those that have completed them to 100%.

    I have had to use double tap because it's at the top of the screen. Chances are if I scrolled down to find my higher tier executions which take costly seconds to do my execution could be stolen by someone else.

    From my news feed it seems most people who have executed me have used double tap, I am assuming for same reason as above.

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    Re: Battle Royale Event - Executions

    +1 to this in all areas!

    I have them all unlocked 100% and wish they were reversed as well. I usually only use the bottom 2-3 types in normal operations of the game but in mmb and BR I just rapidly spam the top row as they're loading hoping to not lose the X.

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    Re: Battle Royale Event - Executions

    Reverse the execution order!
    100% execution bonus!
    Put a daily limit on execution bonus!
    Cthulu has a better solution:
    Auto execute with on / off switch 👍
    Refresh button!
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