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Thread: Defense against nano

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    Defense against nano


    I have a very simple question and I wish to get an official answer.
    My toon is pure attack, does adding defense reduce opponent's nano suit/dodge/deflect effect? (and please explain)

    Please answer our thread posted in this section, since my last thread was not taken into your consideration, and as I have seen all recent thread in this section was not answered too.

    I am not Alpha neither Freeman, but i have spent some thousands in this game and I also deserve your kindly attention.

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    Re: Defense against nano

    The answer should be no. Nano Suit has a % chance to negate attacks and gain power. For every point of defense you are also adding .75 attack so it would not reduce the Nano Suit ability...the ability either negates the entire attack or it doesnt. As for dodge or deflect those are also abilities that happen or do not. I noticed that this post has not been replied to for over a week and thought I would give you my unofficial thought on this subject. I would like for a Dev to respond and solidify your request.  0795

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