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Thread: 5th Anniversary Promo And Event.

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    5th Anniversary Promo And Event.

    General opinion going by the official channels of discord and Facebook are that this 5th anniversary is nothing short of a cash grab and slap in the face to the community that have dedicated their time and effort for a long time.

    The selection of lts offered in the promotion crate is poor and also expensive. The 50% chance for a rare/epic is tight fisted.

    Limiting the coin collecting aspect is again tight fisted.

    Literally everything to do with this anniversary doesn't engage with the player base in regards to any form of thank you. Instead its just designed to generate more income.

    I get that the game needs sustained revenue to continue as an entity. Noone has ever thought otherwise. However here you had a chance to do a promotion that could of been fairly priced and gave a little back to all the players and an event that could of been fun. This game failed to deliver on both accounts.
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    Re: 5th Anniversary Promo And Event.

    I second all of the above. After 5 years of loyalty this kind of event was a really good opportunity to engage with the player base and give something back. The choice to monetise this event to the extent that you seemingly cannot get even a single copy of the anniversary crate without getting out your credit card leaves a sour taste in my mouth and gives the distinct impression that activity and loyalty aren’t valued at all.

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    Re: 5th Anniversary Promo And Event.

    I logged in to start a thread like this. I stayed up to 3A EST and was sooooo disappointed. Once I read details I just went to sleep. So much wrong with this.

    Combining and Limiting my coin collect for jobs/bosses = I wonít be using any refills on this event

    I feel like this event took a very ambitious attempt at boosting/forcing player activity.

    I probably would have been more enthusiastic if maybe some fave LTs were atleast in the crate (Reaper, Scythe, Frank, etc.)

    But ehh itís whatever, some people will be happy some wonít. Just sucks that this is the 2nd event in a row I didnít deem enticing enough to use my stockpile of refills.

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    Re: 5th Anniversary Promo And Event.

    I'm so disappointed and sad. This is the path I absolutely Not want this game to take. Devs need to correct this asap. Make the event last one more day or lower the cost for the anniversary crate to 150x5.

    I didnt even wanna come to forum and post. But then again, its important to speak up when u think something is wrong.

    So. This is my standing point. The people who dont have money to put into the game but play every single day are just as valuable to the game as those who do. They deserve the anniversary crate just as much as any spender.

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    I really expected this to be so much more. We didn't really get anything for Christmas or new years. I mean sure the top ranking players from the previous turf war got a nice little Christmas present, but the rest of us pretty much just got a common lt. I figured maybe they were just saving up for the 5th anniversary event, and when I saw what was in the anniversary crate I almost thought I was right. Then we realized that you only get the anniversary crate for buying crate rolls and now I'm done spending on this game. Edit: I was originally worried that the event was going to be focused on spending for energy/stamina refills because that would have been a pretty **** way to run an anniversary event, but it turns out they found an even worse way to do it.
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    Re: 5th Anniversary Promo And Event.

    I'm surprised at the small amount of posts regarding how this 5th anniversary celebration rewards were handled. Maybe I was under the impression that this was a genuine effort to say thank you and celebrate 5 years of service. Then, a empire mate spent FP on a crate roll and did all the required activities and rolled a rare LT. No biggie I thought, this happens to me and I considered him lucky he didn't roll a common LT.

    I found myself 10 coins short of the "prize" after doing all the activities other than the FP crate roll. At first I was confused and felt kinda ripped off but absolutely understand how corporate america operates. This still did not make it any easier to take in but at least I know now where this company is headed.

    The good news is the anniversary event is exactly that, a event. These are for the company to make money from and maybe I just need to step back and realize this fact of life. Its alright, I've played this game for over 4 years and the people I've met are amazing. I thank PA for buying this game from Gaea to allow us to continue to war other empires and have fun. Remember, its really all persepctive and getting upset over something that really has nothing to do with why I play daily seems silly but I still felt the need to voice my mind. Thanks for listening  0795

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    Re: 5th Anniversary Promo And Event.

    So out of curiosity i used all my coins into scratcher (after getting tagg from the promo crate, i'm traumatized with anniversary crate) - got 10-12 scratchers and i planned to scratch 1 per day after event ends. 25k for 3 days straight. I'm excited to see how the streak would continue.

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