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Thread: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins


    Very addicting game! Every device in my house has a UE account on it. At one point had to stop playing cause my wife said I was spending to much time on the game. But look what I'm back doing once again. Lol

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    Cool Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    i m playing this game 4 years and there is no end to upgrade your profile and thats what makes this game curius to move on !! thnx for the support 96e03c fa9d1b a0d41d 5d2280

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    Daily player 936777

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    I wake up to check UE to drain my energy/stamina daily. War 3 times a day.


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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    Short version: I am playing since day 2 or World Release. I spent a looooooooooooooot of time in the game. I spent about 1.5 thousand in the game, for about 4 years. About nov 2016 I said "too much". So now I just spend the regeneration energy and stamina. Log in EvE when I want. And by miracle, all the stress went away...

    Mostly rambling:

    Probably by accident, I found on App Store this game on 2nd day after game launch. I started playing it as a single-player game, as it wasn't a real point to be in an empire on those times. After about 1 month of on and off, I joined an empire, mostly to find help for bosses. But afterwards, EvE was introduced. Wow, the team effort, the necessity of coordination, the need to outsmart the opponent (remember that it was on the beginning, when doing 100ish player damage was considered high, when going for safehouse was considered a big NO NO). It all increased in time spent in game and, in the same time, in the excuse of spending money. It totally consumed me, I was stressed about last war, I was skipping work tasks, I was delaying eating because my team needed me and I had to defend, I was staying up untii 1 in the morning and then wake up again at 5. All "for the team".
    But, about 14 months ago, I said enough, the game requests too much for me. So I let it go. I still play it, but I don't stress about it any more. Now I spend just the daily regeneration energy and stamina. I join EvE to advance and do some damage, but I don't let it take up too much of my mind. Apparently, the 4 years of building my character allowed me to have a pretty relaxed "daily" experience in the last year.
    But that wasn't the complete reason I stopped investing in the game. The repetitiveness of it became too boring. Press the screen, see a splash, bang, you completed a job. Who cares if it is Italy or Mexic or Dubai? Same click. PvP? Heck, I enjoyed it, but, again, it became "the same thing". It doesn't really matter if I didn't win on a random player from the Battle List, I just hit the next random one. Bosses? I always saw them with the worst ROI. You can easily spend 1000 stamina in under 1 minute without really seeing a lot of damage in the higher bosses health bar. So you need to refill. And then, you collect the rewards. Some weapons, maybe a vehicle. But why? They are on a list, somewhere (war PvP), but they are not essential, I just hit the next random player, who has less than me. EvE? A defeat? Damn. But in 4 hours all it was forgotten, it was another battle.
    So, I continued playing, hoping something will sparkle back the necessity to log in. I play it just for routine now. And, looking back, I now consider this is the best way to play it.

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    been playing for way too long.....
    There are a number of things I don't like about the game. If it were not for the clan I'm in I probably would have quit long ago, but here I am still playing after all this time. Of all the events, I hate the MMB the most. screws up my sleep schedule so bad trting to hold rank.


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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    Started this account as a mini to hit my main when xp was needed. Never worked so now I play 2 accounts all the time.


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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    Full time Job lmao. But pretty fun. Wish we can get some more things done for upgrades. EvE is getting stale. But still play 3-4 wars a day

    🚫👖ֆʊʀɢɨƈǟʟ ɖɛǟᏆɦ💉🔪

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    I drive a semi truck. It gets lonely on the road sometimes, but i always have ue. Ue makes the day go by so much faster. Its there for me when i cant sleep at night. I dont really watch t.v. all i need is my ue.

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    I have been play for over 4 years. I like the game but get angry with lack of epics. 0b41ed

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    Big role. Play too much, spend too much, love it too much. I started playing knowing i would never catch up to the really big guys but still liked the game and didnt really mind. Been in the same empire for the 2.5 years i have played and helped build a decent team and have 5 toons now that i play daily. Will pm code

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    Welp after allllll this time Iím still here. Keep growing the game ❤️


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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    For over 4 years now I have been playing this game and for the most I have managed to make 3 EvEís per day.

    Three months ago however I became a dad and I thought for sure I would have to spend less time with UE.

    I was wrong, now I compete in 4 EvEís per day as my son has a habit of waking me at 4 am .


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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    I don't remember how long I have been playing. But I have started close to game release. It was first just some fun pass time and I didn't take it seriously. I didn't like promos. I didn't like EvE. I joined empire but the empire manager and 99% others had quit the game already then. So I moved to other empire. I was high level as lvl 200. Lol. Then the game sucked me in. EvE was the best thing in the game. EvE evolved with the bunkers and shields and nuke. It's still fun and I do 2-4 wars daily. Lately it has become more of a grind. Things feel a bit stale. I do enjoy the events and have spent IMO considerable sum in the game. But now I'm thinking reducing it. New events come too often. Also the gap between top players and casual players is just getting higher and higher. They paid for it and it's OK. But anyway I don't need to like it. Now I'm missing the early day promos which I didn't understand back then. I think there isn't enough promos now. The black market lieutenants should be rotated. I like it that the event epics are being rotated in new events. Gives a average player a shot at them. Bring back the world war EvE event. Also I devs are too quiet. Talk with people on forums and discord! Also I think often that the game client application is too slow. Many things take too much time. Please work on the software performance. Fix bugs. I have caught a few and sometimes post here on the forums about them if it seems devs didnt catch it already. Remove daily task popups from EvE and replace with a small rolling text or such. Oops. Getting out of topic. But yeah I still enjoy the game though not sure how long.


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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    I found this game in nov 2013 by accident at a time when I was getting fed up with a similar game on the facebook platform, I was meant to of clicked on a post of that game but instead clicked on a post from a friends newsfeed from back in the day you could brag on facebook from this game for bragging rights and it took me to the app store, so I downloaded it out of interest and have been playing it ever since, I quit the other game soon after joining this one as this is much better game.

    The way this game is in my life I do the usual log in each day to dump energy and stamina and see what bosses need doing for the empire and then the rest of the time its the 3 wars a day I join for my empire, I have 5 toons and they are sometimes like trying to manage a full time job lol, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I always will do the 3 wars, even if I'm busy I will still come on to dump tokens to help the empire out, if I'm out and about and theres no wifi connection about then thats the only other time you will see me not taking part in a war, so anywhere theres a wifi connection you will find me playing this game, in the pub with a pint in my hand spamming armor packs, on the seaside near the beach, middle of city centres at a bench and many other locations at some point over the years, this is the only phone game I play and love.

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    It's been all about the empire for a while now.

    I honestly forget how it is to play without some set of responsibility. Alarms set, calls made, make sure the team isn't let down.

    They're what keep me here at the worst of times.

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    Been playing 3 years now, 3 wars a day, sometimes 4 if i wake up in middle of night. Love the game, very addicting. Keep them events coming, i like em often! And lets make it another 5, i wanna see our 10th year anniversary. I will still play for 5+ years if they can keep the updates and events/ mini events :-) ALLY CODE FBC765
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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    I've never played a mobile game for that long. Game is still fun since day one. Keep up the great work! F417B3

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    Started playing during six's pirate booty event long time ago ive met some really awesome people in the game! And a few real big pain in the butts, wish anniversary event was more engaging instead of scratcher, regular crate, or anniversary crate... You devs are sick shoving criminal masterminds into crates like they're animals... Well here's to another 5 years 4DBA67,A5E66C,9cea17

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    Re: Post the thoughts and get the Anniversary Coins

    Been playing almost 4 year and hardly missed a day. 3 wars a day. Spent more hours on the game than with my wife 1B7B56

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