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james bond world of espionage
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Thread: james bond world of espionage

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    james bond world of espionage

    I have a business opportunity for GAEA.
    Why don't you take over or buy out james bond world of espionage from glu games.
    james bond world of espionage is exactly the same as Underworld Empire just different graphics!
    Unfortunately GLU games marketing sucked and the game is offline. Nobody and I meant nobody knew about the game.
    I watched one of UE youtube videos and saw a comment about james bond world of espionage.
    The game is super stable and super fast even on android.
    Exactly the same as UE:
    After job area a challenge job and Boss fight.
    5 seats with different Agents(lieutenants).
    Tech lab where you can build stuff.
    The energy and stamina timers needs to be reduced from 5 to 3.3
    The experience points needed to go to next level needs to be reduced!
    GAEA'S marketing has to be spot on: Facebook, Twitter, TV ads and internet marketing (ads).
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    Re: james bond world of espionage

    U should pm duke about this on discord

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