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Android tablets?
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Thread: Android tablets?

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    Android tablets?

    Iím an iOS player. Just got a Digiland tablet from Best Buy. (Cheap)

    Gameplay is slooooooowwwww. Itís killing me.
    I know squat about Android OS.
    ALl it says is Android version 7.0

    I hoping to find a faster version, but all threads here are old and talk about marshmallow, nougat and so forth

    What is a good>faster android tablet?


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    Re: Android tablets?

    Hard to say right now - all my devices that are running current version took a huge performance hit last release.

    For example, I can be all the way into EvE and priming the nuke in an older version and still be waiting for the popup to choose war/empire home in the current version on 2 other devices.

    In light of this, I would hold off on necessarily blaming the hardware right away.

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