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Thread: Black market Lt

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    Black market Lt

    Hi it’s been a long time since we’ve had a new black market lt, Ki has been there for months now, can we have a new one please ?

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    Re: Black market Lt

    Is Gold Digger a Black Market Lt. or Epic promo?
    I must know because I can't participate in Las Vegas Heist because I am saving FP for Gold Digger.
    It takes +- 3 months to design and release the create a lieutenant contest lieutenant.
    My guess is very soon!
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    Re: Black market Lt

    A new BM LT would fun

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    Re: Black market Lt

    New black market lt please.
    Ki is getting very long in the tooth!

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    Re: Black market Lt

    Bump... Where oh where r u new blackmarket lt they need to make them avail more often or switch em out often, they lose money in my eyes in this aspect.

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    Re: Black market Lt

    I wish Gman had been up this long.

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    Re: Black market Lt

    New black market Lt would be nice. Ki getting old, too old infact

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