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    Battle Points

    I would like to suggest that battle points gain from attacking lower level works like health loadout. Many accounts level 300 to 700 get attack daily from 1.5 k to 2 k to 4K and above 4K I call them Aliens 👽 without us having any chance to hit back. Many if not thousand accounts ranging from 500 to 700 spend monthly between 20 to 30 paid refills just to get the extra boost. I myself have a 600 level account and I spend more than 25 refills a month at 99 stamina a refill. Most of us do not have a health load out so when we get attacked, takes a few refills just to get the battle rank again. Even if you implement this health feature, low levels need to spend more than 20 refills to get to 27, 28, 29.

    Please consider this. Low levels as well spend tremendously and not only we want the extra 15 sp monthly but also the extra boost.

    I pvp with some level 1k plus with same the same battle rank and when I attack them I gain little battle points to compare with them taking battle points from me because of the health setup they use so it's not balance. It's supposed to be more bps gain when attacking higher level. This way the high level guys need to spend refills to maintain rank as well and not only 2 to zero refills.

    Please consider this. Eventually it'd entice us more with the pvp feature of this game

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    Re: Battle Points

    ...buying refills at 99 stam?

    That's an expensive habit that you have there.

    I've never spent a single refill to maintain rank but have 10x your stamina too.

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