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    Smile Bossing Questions For Duke

    Dear Duke,

    I have come across a fair amount of things regarding bosses that myself or others have questions about. I am hoping that these questions and your answers will help us build more accurate guides for the community.

    • When counting the number of epics dropped, are any of the following included: Epic Insignia, Epic Recombinator, Phones, Passports, Blueprints. Based on the data that has been collected so far it seems like these aren't included into the 3 epics dropped but I would like to make certain.

    • Are Sara Drops counted into the 3 epic drops, or are these separate?

    • Are empire drops actually an epic drop (ex. steel beam)? They are listed as an epic in the boss drops information, however when collecting from a boss fight they show as a common.

    • The Mastermind is the only boss that drops a Lieutenant, the uncommon Lieutenant Joey Pepperoni. Based on the information I've seen, this LT is included in the epic drops even though it's an uncommon LT. Is this true?

    • Is there any reason to hit a boss past the max empire points threshold? Aside from points for rampage achievements. The maximum epics threshold seems to be the max empire pts threshold as well which is why I ask this question.

    • Does the drop chance of any epic/legendary item increase or decrease depending on what threshold they are in? Some believe that there are "hotspots" where legend items drop more.

    • Will the limit on gold and silver bullets ever be removed?

    • Would you ever reduce the cool down on bosses or at least specific bosses? Now that the game has a filter for the public boss list, some bosses are never available because they die too quickly. Bosses such as The Mastermind, the public list is normally empty.

    • Would you ever increase the drop rate for faction Insignias on Legend bosses? (ex. Mafia Insignia)

    • Will you fix the graphic bug for bosses that shows the cracked screen of death when you still have HP and are dealing normal damage? I see this happen the attack after healing (cracked screen goes away after heal but returns on next attack) and the crack will not go away unless the boss fight is backed out of. I've seen this in old boss fights, FPS boss fights, and even in MMB.

    Aside from bossing questions,

    • Would you consider creating a setting in the game client to disable all or most animations? I have a Galaxy S6 and many of the animations, especially in FPS boss fights, make my phone lag. I already have all current graphics settings set to disable and the game still crashes very often on me. Sometimes I prefer speed over visuals, especially if they aren't necessary. I understand that this game was originally made for iOS and is optimized for that, but there are many different Android devices of different tiers and not all can handle these graphics.

    • Would you consider creating a shortcut to quick swap between toons? Such as a small button at the overview of an EvE war that brings up a drop down of your toons to select. We all have multiple toons and switching between them during wars in the 'more' section is tiresome. If the toon was in a different empire it could then display the screen to join that other war.

    • Will the 2000 Energy and 1000 Stamina limit on purchased refills ever be removed or have the limit raised? This limitation has been in place for as long as I can remember and now there are many more things to do in UE than in the past such as all the gold star jobs and rampage achievements. These limits make this game more expensive as new content is added where more opportunities to spend energy and stamina are.

    I hope to see your responses and thanks for your time,

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