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    Need help

    Hi All!
    Can someone explain how crimson chopper mayday etc work? I understand from Duke old posts that more or less 80% of damage done is based on base attack e 20% on attack power. As for exanple chopper adds attack he Also help to increase damage? Or he is good “only” to decide wheter you win or not?

    Second question: does Natalie have to be equipped to obtain her bonus up to 12%? Or i can equip her only while dead and obtain her bonus?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Need help

    About Natalie, I switch her in at end. I see a big difference.

    Chopper gives u more attack and def. That slightly increases your attack power, and that in turn slightly increases your damage. Had it been attack power/def power from start then it would have been a totally different matter. Now as it is, not so much.

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