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Thread: Fusion and Splitter page revamp!

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    Fusion and Splitter page revamp!

    The fusion page looks nicer, and the option to switch to splitting is displayed on the bottom right corner on the fusion page.

    Splitting LTs requires one splitter per star of the LT to be split of the appropriate rarity as displayed below, I feel the community's initial thought of splitters were to use 1 splitter to destar something into two lower.

    The one rare splitter that the majority of people will get is not enough to destar a single LT, so stock pile them up through events, I feel they will gradually become more prevelant in future events. This is a brand new feature that just came about with a client upgrade as well.
    Soon your high star semi-obsolete or obsolete LTs can be fused into your newer stuff, or you can even change your entire toon build without having to reroll a lot of expensive epics and rares to fuse again!

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    Re: Fusion and Splitter page revamp!

    1 rare splitter is going to go a long way. Hopefully there were be other ways to get them or we could be looking at a years worth of events to stockpile them.

    P.s. you must have some insane plans to combine those 100 LTs.

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    Re: Fusion and Splitter page revamp!

    I don't combine things I don't use unless they're commons. If you look at my profile you will see I have two rares, and everything else is 1 or 2*.
    Been collecting epics for 5 and 6* fusions, then I have a bunch of uncommon stuff. I'm a little crazy, just a little.

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