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Thread: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    4yrs strong. I remember myfirst 200 demo hit my first 5k demo eve first getting tnt 10k blast finally maxing terminator class the joy i get from a random epic drop Ue has been on every apple device ive owned in 4yrs still 2/3 eve a day and cant wait to see what the dev team have coming in the new year


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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    Would definitely have to be when I got reaper in the first PVP event! I was only like lvl 174!! I feel like after that is when people really started spending to get big!


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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    I started playing right before the exterminator MMB started. No clue what I was doing. I was using the heavy weapon special attack on single targets until some people in my empire started explaining the game more to me. Would have been lost if it werenít for the awesome community in this game. I only had one kid back then but still could barely afford life. After finishing up some degrees and getting a more secure career, Iíve spent quite a bit and have gotten about half of the event LTs since then. I sadly find it harder and to spend on the each new event because I donít see my account getting much stronger with each passing month/event. Itís hard to stay interested when a couple classes are maxed out and you are lucky to see a fraction of a percent growth in your attack or defense ability each month without spending.

    I would personally like to see something like they had in Marvel United that had an individual challenge component. Not just clicking a button, but a RPG-like part of the game where you use your LTs to work through single player challenges so that you can see your toon grow. Just getting a bit more SP to your attack each month and slowly working a new Star into an LT that really is only like 50-100 points growth out of the thousands doesnít seem like anything is getting stronger.


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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    I have played this game for a long time but the moment I never will forget happened the other day in my tech lab. I had finely collected all Sara parts and I remembered to seat Isis. For that I was rewarded with 2 x Sara.

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    First of all I wanna wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Iíve been playing since UE was Launched,if I remember correctly there wasnít eve battles yet. Iím almost pure bsi and lvl 900 was my biggest achievement. Keep the game going steady with all these small improvements and it will get better for those who Arenít happy with the state of the game. 🎅🏻

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I started June 2nd, 2014 and joined my first and only empire ZeroGravity on the day it was formed by HometownHero and Springs. I started as Assassin and knew nothing. One day I became officer and then the empire started disbanding and I took the gold star. We kept it together and some folks came back. We’ve changed leadership several times, kept some great friends, lost some great members, and met a lot of wonderful people. You all will have a big place in my heart except two of you who can go to hell (just kidding but seriously you suck).

    I started lurking in the forums that first summer and thought everyone was insane but the information filled in a lot of gaps that helped me plan my account well almost from the beginning. After a couple months I couldn’t resist and made an account to contribute. After a variety of posts and the occasional rant I was invited by Phoenix Age to join Chelsea and Mist as a moderator with Joker and Selene. We’ve seen several community managers, parent companies: PA - Kabam - and now Gaea, said some goodbyes, have seen a lot of in-game changes, and are now almost at the start of a new year. The amount of time I’ve spent in the forums, Line, the Wiki, Reddit, Skype, and Discord talking/reading about this game is probably equal or greater to the time I’ve actually spent playing it.

    I have a hybrid main account named Cthulu that started as an assassin and switched to demo early because we desperately needed it. I have an LSI mini named Listmaker that started as defending demo and then transitioned to enforcer. And I have a super LSI (currently 3x) named Solenya that is quite enjoyable. They are fun to play but my best memories are the people and are in the first 2 sections.

    Happy Holidays and New Year everyone!

    Be good and good luck!

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