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Thread: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

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    Post Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    Merry Christmas! We wish you a great holiday!
    How long have you played our game? We are most thankful for your love and support. Thanks for helping us build a better game in these years.

    For you, are there any happy memories with UE? Perhaps it's the moment you reached the level 1000. Maybe it's the process of getting stronger. Or the first time you won the EVE with your members, and so on. Do you still remember the stories? If yes, please write down your story with UE!

    Available: 12/21 19:00 - 12/26 19:00 PST

    - ALL participants will get Scratcher x2.
    - Random lucky players will get Crate Roll x1.

    1. Organize your suggestions in a single reply. We will check your first reply if you have multiple.
    2. Uncivilized/irrelavent responses will be ignored.
    3. Please also write down your Army Code in your reply or PM UWE_Elise.
    4. Lucky players will be announced within three days after the event ends
    5. You can only get the participation awards once.
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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    I start to play 3 years ago,we start playing with 40 friends,we played togeter another game before,so it was fun to play as a good old team.
    I remember how i reach lev 100,reach 500 allys and so on.i had luck with crates,get an epic LT rally soon and we was very active empire,alot member with low level,but we rock agains bigger empires.
    I like to play UE still,and a few of our members moved to different empires,its fun to meet them in EvE again and its funny in war chats.It took time to reach Lev 850 and i am looning forward..aim lev 1000.

    I like the part of UE like Events or like boss hunting,hate some never ending Tech lab items.

    I remember my first empire..i didnt understand game and i figure out that i can heal,and i healed,and healed again,and wonder why they kicked me after war :-) sorry for that Cowboys from Hell.A lev 40 shouldnt eat packs...


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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    Been playing since year one! And I definitely like seeing my toon grow, first it was getting a 9* common and I felt like a real gangster, then I worked my way up to 9* uncommons and feeling unstoppable. The idea of diamond rares seemed to be impossible to me, but somehow I have an 8* Alpha and 1/32 of the final star. Being able to pump out 60k+ EvE damage consistently and the amount of strategy I put into multiple lineups so I'm situationally ready to help my empire mates in any way. You need a sniper to demo for you right quick, here I am sending those 400+ damage hits for ya!

    I really enjoyed managing an empire, but having a busy life and falling off the face of the earth sometimes makes it not such a great thing for me to do, gave command to someone who I shouldn't have and crumbled it to nothing, but found my old mates in version 2, which ended up dying when we merged into another empire. Now I'm just an old man that just snipes people!

    02E75B, and everyone else is welcome to add me and send me phone parts!

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    1st post here. I've been playing since early 2013. I am level 1400+ right now and have spent about $2,200. I honestly have the most fun during the Battle Royale events because I find it very personal and representative of how "strong" a toon is. My suggestion is to have some sort of event where it is strictly duel only and War is not an option and perhaps vice versa to make it fair. Or perhaps a similar event to Battle Royale where Duel and War are separate categories.

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    Started UE as an escape from another addiction... suffice to say 4 years later I believe I’ve found my new addiction whilst my former addiction is long forgotten. Love all the new content except the pets (hunting). What about completing the storyline (Secret Jobs) before adding new areas? Overall 4.5/5 stars in my book, keep it up UWE!
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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    Well I first played this game to get free premium currency of another game, and around the time EvE was implemented.

    Pretty much a happy story for me is that I got my first event epic, which was from the last event. And I hit level 1000 shortly after.
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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    Try to retire and ended up checking all toons again and again - thats crazy for mobile app game y'know.

    Maybe gambling addiction, community or the math involved in the whole game mechanics? I don't know.

    The most memorable event in my memory was when world war (in game lol remember the chant ex-chaos used to say? Hillarious. )) commenced whether like it or not it has shaped so many players to develop their playstyle and roleplay lol (minus all the drama that followed it haha) it was fun tho, aside from all the violations done by some peeps.
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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    I fell in love in ue. Not in the game, but in a man. Though I like the game very much too lol. The game resembles life. I've made some great friends in here and some not that great.
    Its very hard for me to pic a single moment that stands out. I've decided to quit the game so many times. But I am still here, like I've been from the beginning.
    Would I still play ue if I was the last person on earth? Yes I would. There is something great about the game itself. If I try to put my finger on it then it might be the joy of visualy being able to see my toon evolve. I always set new mini goals. Love the little blue file. Hate tech lab lol.
    Looking forward I wish to see the game stand the test of time. Because eventhough I would keep playing it all by myself I still prefer to have others around.

    Kindest Regards Ramaria

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    Started to play Easter weekend 2016.
    17 days to go to get Favored one (500 respect) achievement.
    If the game stand the test of time, I will try for King of Kings achievement(1000 respect).
    The most memorable update since GAEA took over is definitely the boss filter.
    Second memorable update/improvement is the EVE Heist. It is free.
    Cause a lot of headache for Empire boss and underboss(rogue players trying to spend all tokens) but it is free crate chard just for joining and spending tokens in EVE.
    I like the money I get from Job heist. Both my mini toons have level 8 safehouse and island just from the money I get from job heist.
    I think it is something like 5-10 million per job.
    When Donovan triggers even more.
    I remember my first 9* common lieutenant, John.
    I remember creating my first John's gun just by executing players in PVP with Feed the Fishes execution.
    When I am finished with all job areas I will aim for a 9* Pain currently 8*
    Mobile Mobster
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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    I just told a fairly big story about my game anniversary not too long ago so I will keep this one shorter.

    One of my fondest memories of the game was the World War event. I got my 1st Event LT then and it really solidified my adoption of the game.

    I remember when I started in what was a platinum empire at the time how isolated I felt we all were in our compartmentalized empires. World chat still cost tokens at the time so not everyone spoke there and EvE wasn't a place that you wanted to be chatty if you were defending your building.

    WW changed all that and really upped the ante in terms of a strategic gameplay.

    In personal empire terms, the only thing frustrating was that try as I might, I couldn't get everyone to understand best strategies. That said, we had more who did than some empires larger than us.

    We would often start to take over portions of the map and I would seek out the other strong teams in the arena by how they were progressing. I loved that you were meeting new players in this way, and it was often welcomed when you would suggest teaming up against the others on the map. This was a hugely successful tactic in our wars.

    For a fleeting moment, we had new people on-side with us to choke out our competitors and it was glorious!

    It actually was a boost to recruiting as well as players with low activity empires or a complete lack of cohesion in the event were taking note of who was making progress and took chances joining other teams that seemed to play as strongly as they wanted to.

    I met more people who shared common game interests all at once than during any other period in the game itself.

    So, for all the hate on the time element of the event, which was a tough commitment, I still love it and remember it with extreme fondness. I was out of my corner and began a path of expanding my player friendships that continues to this day. I continue to meet even more great people on Discord, and in that regard I couldn't be happier!

    Thanks for this participation contest! I am truly enjoying everyone's stories!

    Ally code in PM

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    After years of watching bigger toons come & go through our empire; my main (BSI) slowly stick to its guns and grew into a strong lil defender.
    I can’t attach the screenshot on a mobile device but my best achievement for ‘tokens absorbed’ was 376. The same match I deflected 43,047 to also grab ‘highest player damage’

    **edit can’t PM on mobile??


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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    I've been playing UE since the beginning and have accomplished just about everything in the game. Here are very satisfying moments:

    - Joining RM and defeating Chosen the first time.
    - I love collecting things and getting achievements rewards and legendaries. Fang sword was a big accomplishment
    - 9* Alpha, not sure how I did it but it was hard!
    - Winning championships with RM and now AF, I have been lucky to be in such great empires

    This game has come so far over the years and is addicting! It has the potential to be so for a long time. Keep up the good work GAIA! Thanks!


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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    My favorite moment hands down was when I opened my MMB reward scratchers for the Cosa Nostra event and got two 30x stacks of energy refills.


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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    I just recently passed my 5-year UEversary. Joined 17 Nov 2012, when the game was still in beta and only open to Canadians. It's changed an awful lot since then! Back then, Westside was the final area, there were no energy or stamina packs, no class coins, no scratchers, no achievements, no secret jobs, etc etc.

    March 2013 I joined the wiki, which had been started by somebody else but then abandoned. I started adding content and was soon giving admin rights there.

    Favourite memories? Two come to mind. Finally hitting level 1000 is one. The second is when I logged in to find that I wasn't in an empire. Apparently they'd decided to move me to the feeder empire. I wasn't happy, and I was getting lots of recruitment messages, so I shopped around a bit and found myself a new empire. The good memory is it wasn't too long after that my new empire beat my old one in EvE :-)


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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    My favorite moment was hitting level 1000 and getting lucky enough to pull the 2 epics I wanted with my ghost build (overkill and strafe).

    513 AB5

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    I started in early 2013, I think Match or April. My wife had just gotten through her initial cancer treatments, and the horrible awful stress from that ordeal combined with a pop-up ad in another game that drew me in, and it was enough of an escape that here I still am, 4+ years later. I prefer not to think about the money I’ve spent but at the same time I’ve met people from all over the world, not just virtually at this point even, and it’s awesome for that.

    My wife passed 2 and a half years ago when the cancer came back, but I’m still playing. I’ve been with the same empire since the beginning and love it, although I’m probably about the only 4k that hangs around in an empire that steadily oscillates between Platinum and Legend instead of goes all out lol.


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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    My favorite time in this game before these 2nd teir classes. Was level 200-700 as a assassin. On the day I had 61 caps in a war. Could have had 70 still bothers me to this day. Also the days of winning MVP with 10 attack. By just x in wars. Toons would say how strong they were I use to laugh and say all I need is 1 attack and I owned the war. And the boards.

    Now just enjoy close wars with 2 empires that evenly match. Most of the time u get blowouts but when u get a war that goes down to last few minutes. That’s fun.

    This ally Code is priceless many toons have lost there lives for this Code.
    For your eyes only. 👀DAE3F7👀
    Tell no one.

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    I started out with another game called Castle Age created by Phoenix Age. I play that game and join my guild Undead. Then when Phoenix Age created Underworld Empire I gave it a try. We created the same empire Undead. Its been great. I been there for the first World War. It was a great event in my eyes. I got Frank. I wish there would be another big EvE event

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    Been around since beta, when Blue was the OG of UE haha.

    It's been really weird to see the ever changing of the "top dog" of UE, when it was first Blue, Chosen peeps, DB, MadMike, Michael, and now Freeman.

    My best memory would probably be when empire wars first started. At that time, there weren't many people cluster together to form "super empires" and all the wars were very competitive and fun. Now, wars that are fun are very far and few between. Either it's a stomp for us or we get stomped. A war is normally determined within the first 5 min of the war, and the rest of it doesn't even seem to matter..

    Why so cereal?!

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    Re: Write down your stories with UE and get the rewards!

    I reached king of kings the other days. Thats a full 1000 days of respect! There are so many great features in this game but I like my huge energy build the most. 5500 energy and I blast my way to 2 uncommons lts in westside every level.


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