I would like to point out some bugs that have been rather frustrating and hopefully get the attention of the devs.

EvE autocollect:
- for a few months EvE autocollect has been rather buggy and inconsistent. Occasionally it wouldn't work and all cc and xp (class and lvl) are not gained at all. It is happening way too often for it to be ignored. My empire mate has sent in several support tickets and this has been addresssed on the forums before and I thought it has been fixed, but apparently not as I did not get the autocollect from the last 2000 PST EvE. Sometimes I wouldn't collect on all my toons because I'm too busy or I want it to overflow into the next day's daily.

Buggy 250cc and MVP daily
-On the topic of autocollect, I have noticed that occasionally it doesn't proc the above mentioned dailies when it overflows into the next day'a dailies.

EvE superpower
- and on the topic on dailies, I have noticed that occasionally it doesn't add contribution to the empire superpower. This may be insignificant for 1-2 dailies, but it adds up among all the members in the empire.

These are just at the top of my head, and of course there are the recent bugs of boss tab by default tosses u into "public bosses" instead of "my bosses" and the visual bug on the LT lvl xp, but I shall not address them as they have their separate threads.

I believe that it is the responsibility of players to report bugs and more importantly for devs to respond to such bugs and hotfix or at least patch them in regular updates to the app. Bugs and glitches can greatly affect the player experience and while they may seem rather negligible, after a while it can be quite a turn off, especially so for bugs that are very easy to encounter and replicate.

P.S this is my first thread so if I made any mistakes please forgive me