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Thread: Exchange rate for IAP

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    Exchange rate for IAP

    Ok seriously; US$100 hasnít been AUD$160 for quite some time.

    Itís a rip off. And Iím sure a lot of other conversions are off too re: other currencies.

    If I get 2 x VIPs for an event Iím being shorted some ~400fp (guesstimate).

    I recall this being brought up before and dev response was something along the lines of: Ďprice variations exist to cover fees applied by App Storeí.

    FIX IT!

    Every other game Iíve bought IAP for has a $:$ ratio. Thereís no hidden mark up.
    If a packages says $49.99 Iím charged $49.99 at the point of sale.

    Aside from this thread how can I escalate this issue? Take it up w App Store?

    Also first ĎHate / Rantí thread for me.

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