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    Hi, I and my friends have some questions:

    I want to know what is meant by attack and defense base stats and in what color is highlighted (orange or green) and why in the forum you talk about base attack (white number).

    The increase or reduction of damage depends on the attack or defense base stats? It works on 80% of statistics or only 20%?.

    I am a titan and I use crimson as captain and raven as a killer, and I want to know if crimson reduces my damage and raven increases my attack.

    When I use Natalia as a lieutenant and dies, does her bonus damage (12%) remain?


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    Re: Info

    First of all: orange?

    Base attacks/def was your raw stats, the real stats you had by putting sp into it (or paying respect) displayed by white number in your display profile, the green ones was the bonus you get from Properties/Lts.

    I'm assuming you already know about att/def power so i'm gonna skip it.

    Reduction of damage commonly known as damage mitigation are displayed differently on detailed blue box on class page or profile. It was affected by either specific Lts (mr Nuts, Six, Malina, etc) and Insignia (+% mitigation) Dev knce said the higher your BASE defense will result to higher damage mitigation (forgot which thread) - but the formula of it was never known.

    AFAIK Crimson does not play part on damage reducing DIRECTLY. But dunno for sure. The only way to do it was to experiment with your load out and taking notes of what the detailed blue box stats diaplayed.

    In theory, Natalia wOrks when your dead giving the max damage boost - my friends fellow reaper claimed that he do almost same damage when he was dead using Natalia + Ronin combo + shadowstrike but since i don't have her i can't say for certain.

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    Re: Info

    lts like raven and crimson only affect your "power" and only help u get the win against the target they dont increase damage delt or mitigate damage like base raw stats( white number) do .
    attack base stat will increase the damage delt .
    defense base stat will mitigate the damage taken .

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