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Thread: Steel Kracken

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    Re: Steel Kracken

    I got steel kraken in 25 collects . But yeah other than that boss loot rng is pretty bad. Very frustrating to play and get nothing

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    Re: Steel Kracken

    As of now I'm still seeing no change, collected 10 at threshold 1 with 0 kraken parts. 25 at threshold 2 with 2 kraken parts. I haven't done any threshold 3 since my initial runs at this boss, but I feel that this lower threshold thing might be entirely a placebo effect, I've also been logging points per stamina to see if I get better rewards for doing better or worse, though it's very very hard to get points per stamina to get outrageously high often enough while hitting a threshold you want.
    The two runs I got a part happened at 13,467pts with 55.88pts/stm
    19,461pts with 34.69pts/stm
    Outliers such as 286.49pts/stm and 24.66pts/stm, being my highest and lowest have yielded nothing out of the ordinary.

    I am noticing nothing conclusive of getting more parts by not maxing out a boss, performing more than well, or performing poorly. But I will continue to track this boss at threshold 2 until 100 completions and publish all data I've collected, as well as gathering info for threshold 3. Doing many legend bosses have stunted my progress at this and I plan to start going at this again.

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