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Thread: Some thoughts

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    Cool Some thoughts

    Hey everyone,

    Dev team are planning some new contents now, some of them may come out in further.(including but not limited to)
    We think they are really cool and will definitely make UE more fun. Not sure make it(them) or not, just want to share these ideas with you.
    Leave your feedback and let us know your thoughts and questions. We may not answer you one by one but we know every reply is valuable.

    -TvT: EvE small on-demand battles
    create squad with friends and give it a name
    smaller teams (18 v 18, 10 v 10 or?)
    unique marching, league and ranking system
    empires have pre-set upgrades, equal on both sides
    fast action with all participants active

    -PvE: Tower Defense
    defend until key building destroyed or enemy retreats(Never happen lol)
    enemy(environment) is fearless and crazy, they make you hopeless
    all teammates should unite together and stay in line
    everyone does his own work

    -PvP: Battlefield
    team vs team again
    exclusive skills
    occupy stronghold and gain points
    marching, ranking

    -EvE playoffs, All-star
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    Re: Some thoughts

    Post your thoughts and questions to let us know!

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    Re: Some thoughts

    Can you tell us about the EvE playoffs/All star? Sounds interesting and if implemented well I could see many enjoying these.

    I really like the on-demand battles idea too.

    All of the ideas sound like they could work well though. I will wait and see what others ask and feedback here yet to see what develops into solid ideas.

    This is a great opportunity here 😊 Thanks!

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    Re: Some thoughts

    How is TvT working vs EvE? Are team and empires exclusives? You can be in only one or you can be in both? What's the "war" times? Same hours or different times? How do you prevent TvT to become another EvE with sleepers on a smaller scale?
    One ideea I would have is to have a "Ready" option prior 3 mins to start of battle and if not a specific percentage is received the battle does not start. Probably need to go even further, like punishing teams that reached that percentage but did not fully engaged in the battle (determine particiation by token spent?).

    Tower Defense is against AI or against "real" toons?

    -reserved for later edits.

    What about a continuous "World War"? Where you have different battling fields, each field has missions (eg: make your way to specific building and help capturing it). Opponents can be AI exclusively or real toons (in that case missions need to be time based, so te defenders win also). You can opt in at any time and spend energy ( build ditches, barb wire), stamina (attack opponents, demo buildings) or tokens (gain bonuses, like increase attack power or other bonuses like keeping satelite running to prevent "fog of war"). Rewards are received when the mission is completed (can be as little as crate shards drop and tech lab items).
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    Re: Some thoughts

    Can’t wait for details on the PvE tower defense.

    And curious about the exclusive skills part
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    Re: Some thoughts

    The more content the better.

    What I would like to see is a revamp of pvp. Battle royale is how pvp should be. With some adjustments off course.

    Leave stam for bosses and give us battle royal on a constant base. It should be based pure on att and def, give everyone the same amount of health so we can kill each other.

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    Re: Some thoughts

    Finally something new. Potentionally interesting stuff. Can we also have the WW event back?

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    Re: Some thoughts

    TvT. No league. Battle on demand, no pre set. Only team of friends (7vs7 or max 10 vs 10) agains other team batteling for great prizes. Would be good if winner could take it all. However this only works if the two teams are matched well. If not, if thats too difficult to guarantee, the winner gets good ones and the losing team gets less. Not talking cc here. Talking supplies. Or side kicks (no commons). Or items. These must be short battles. Around 15-20 min timer.

    Thank u for charing your thoughts and ideas with the community devs.

    And I'm happy to see that u do try to modernise game.

    Ps. If u decide to charge a small amount of fp for this feature (same amount for every player participating (2-5 fp) then the rewards should be devided even within the team. If u dont then u could reward players due to their activity within the battle. This to avoid players joining and not contributing) Ds.
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    Re: Some thoughts

    These are some really good ideas.

    Now for TvT I would have set times where players sign up for. The game randomly puts the teams together so the matches are closely even based on player levels. This way if a player like Alpha or Freeman joins, they will either get matched aga8nst each other, or their remaining team members will be a bunch of low level players vs a fairly stacked team. If there are multiple bigs, then you will likely end up with a match of the Titans.

    The battlefield looks to me to be a smaller version of that EVE event.

    By the way, I love the fact that you are sharing this with us.
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    Re: Some thoughts

    Playoffs to determine #1 for the season?? Yessssssssss

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    Re: Some thoughts

    TvT sounds interesting?
    I like the idea of "empires have pre-set upgrades, equal on both sides"
    "fast action with all participants active"
    The team with the best tactics and team play is likely to win.
    Is TvT going to replace EVE?
    Is TvT going to be a in between EVE and EVE play option?
    Is TvT going to be a mini event over the weekend every weekend?

    I agree with Marc:
    Something like Battle Royale.
    Only players who want to participate should click on a banner and thrown into a pool.
    Free health just like Battle Royale on a hidden timer. Health pull?
    How is the total player attack power scaling going to work?
    You can't have a player 1000 with 30,000 total attack power compete against a level 80+ with no attack power?

    For a limited time during PvP Battlefield "event" increase the execution percentage?
    If an empire is struggling with empire drops he can use Machete execution.
    Think of breath of the wild you can use execution to top up your empire drops, bullets or tech lab ingredients.
    Colombian Necktie, Polonium Spray and Cement Shoes has limits.

    Reserved for edit!
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    Re: Some thoughts

    I see TvT on demand like Halo online battles where everyone goes into a lobby and friends join a team and when both sides are filled the battle starts. Needs to be short battles like 10-20 minutes. I would like to see some of the drops in this game reworked so they are valuable to the player and not so repetitive please. Thanks for trying to make the game better!

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    Re: Some thoughts


    I love the idea of new content but would like to remind Gaea that there are some parts of the current game that need updating or changes.

    1. Respect points award system maxed at 6,000 respect points. Either revamp or discard awards. If discarded then stop awarding respect points in bosses;

    2. We are accumulating more and more useless drops from bosses. We need a system to clean out inventory of useless brass knuckles for example and upgrade / combine into new legendary items that actually benefit our toons;

    3. We need more legendary gear introduced. Gear that augments current lieutenants would be appreciated and might help freshen up outdated lieutenants;

    4. Many of the LTs could use a freshening up like Mastermind received a year or so ago. The older LTs skills are a fraction of the power of newer LTs, herego my request for a defusioner function;

    5. Introduction of un-combine function like a reverse fuse. I wont beat this to death but it has been discussed ad nauseum in the forums and the manual introduction in Last EVE was a welcomed addition to prizes but needs to be expanded past top 10 and allow for multiple un-combines so others have an opportunity to fix errant fuses or outdated lieutenants;

    6. Current EVE enhancements: I think Gaea has done a nice job with adding new features to EVE (AP/HP button; battle board; superpowers, etc.).
    A) Id like to see a game mechanic that allows a limited number of player swaps during the EVE so that if a building has no active players because of time of EVE (like 3AM), an empire officer can swap an active player into the building DURING the EVE war. This feature would really mix up EVE and make it more interesting strategy wise;
    B) Id like to see Scythe fixed so that she steals x% of the counterdamage done by healer that has her seated.

    7. Need Tier 3 classes (with new class skills), additional Tier 2 class skill levels (above level 3) or newly released Tier 2 skills. Lots of CC stacked and nothing to spend on. I dont have the wearwithal to accumulate a whole other set of LTs to change classes.

    Once again, just my .02. Thanks for your consideration.

    Very truly yours,
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    Re: Some thoughts

    Overall love the idea of more bite size content - mini eve battle concept sounds great.

    And for play offs... make it so that we can spectate! I would love to see what happens when the top legend empires duke it out for the no 1 spot.

    How about:
    - revamped heists that encompass specific objectives and need team work. Eg bank heist, heavy to blow door, assassin to sneak in, enforcer to knock out guards.
    - weekend mini MMB for empires to take down.
    - a UE casino where I can gamble my cash and loot 😂

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    Re: Some thoughts

    I would like to see the stamina cost of war entry go up with the tiers, for example, bronze=free, silver costs 5 stamina, gold 10, platinum 20, diamond 30, and legend costs 40. The awards for winning are multiplied correspondingly, perhaps at platinum some common drops are removed from the prize pool and rare crate shards are added (as an example).
    Also perhaps as an empire you can select from the prize pool preferred drops, if your empire could really use concrete blocks, you could select them and expect a higher drop rate.

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    Re: Some thoughts

    A simple one, 10 Star lieutenants.

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    Re: Some thoughts

    New classes, for example, The Engineer: spend points in battle repairing buildings, building armor packs, etc. Medic, can heal, can give adrenaline rush. The bodyguard, has a chance of intercepting hits meant for other teammates, even in other buildings. The saboteur, can temporarily stop or delay opponents ability to use super, or token generation, or health pick generation. The hacker, can siphon shields from opponents to add to your own shield, personal or building. How about if you have achieved level 3 in every existing class, you can spend your class coins to create your own customized class selecting abilities from other existing classes?

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    Re: Some thoughts

    i deleted my post trying to edit it , but i managed to take a screenshot. here it is the link .thanks

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    Re: Some thoughts

    New job area: Wall Street
    The unlocks for each mission are the construction of the new building, the corporation. The corporation gives you new seats for lts, and expanded abilities.
    Construction cost is $1Billion.
    Unlocks the Board of directors seat, The CFO.
    Any lieutenant seated in the CFO chair gets 2X any financial bonus.

    $1.25 Billion
    The corporation can breakdown unwanted inventory for raw materials, which can later be used to build desirable items.

    $1.5 Billion
    Unlocks Board of Directors seat CTO. Any lieutenant seated in seat gets 2x the effect for tech lab abilities.

    $2 Billion
    Corporation can build either an energy pack, or a stamina pack once per day.

    $2.5 Billion
    Unlocks Head of Human Resources seat.
    Any lieutenant seated gets 2x the effect for any ability that targets other lieutenants (i.e. +1 attack per street)

    $3.25 Billion
    Corporation can build energy pack, stamina pack, or scratcher once per day.

    $4 Billion
    Unlocks VP seat. 2X attack and defense of seated lieutenant.

    $5.125 Billion
    Corporation can build energy pack, stamina pack, scratcher, or cc bundle once per day.

    $6.4 Billion
    Unlocks CEO seat. Seated lieutenant gets 3X attack and defense.

    $8 Billion
    Corporation can now build missing tech lab parts. Build time varies by rarity.

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    Re: Some thoughts

    Revamping lieutenants to give them more playability and more loadout options for players. Targeting the weaker LTs, some LTs are so weak in ability you will never see them in any player loadout. Personally there are a few lieutenants that have great artwork with hideous abilities that leave them on players shelves or fused away and these are LTs I'd like to be seeing more of just by scrolling around.

    This all may seem very negative, and I don't mean it to be as such, more as constructive criticism to try and bring more lieutenants into player loadouts. Mastermind are one of the very few LTs that got a great change to a very poor ability.

    LTs like Fox and Kate that have plus attack and defense are very very weak buffs, especially now. Recommend rescaling the same ability on the older rares; Tagg, Borris, Caine as well, their powers seem to lack compared to other lts, sometimes uncommons are even better. Pretty much every uncommon has a power that's fair for its rarity.

    The Judgement crate rares.
    Hannibal, Porsche, and Berserker
    Lieutenants with diminishing abilities are a very huge turn off for nearly every player, and these ones were pretty bad, Berserkers ability was bad enough for him to be an Uncommon drop in the crates if I remember correctly. Now that he is in the mercenary crate under a rare slot I feel his power should be buffed, even without the negative drawback he is still a very poor rare LT, and a large amount of the player base are lacking his crate items which helped fix his power. I would include Mastermind in here, but he has his ability completely changed and buffed a long time ago which is a big plus.

    And a few more LTs I'd like to throw in here as well, one would be Slade, his ability is horrible, especially for the amount of energy that job takes, I'm not sure if the job has changed, I know I filled the bar to near 100% twice when he first came out and it costed like 12,000e each time, one of the very few LTs I don't have on my shelf and it will probably remain that way indefinitely.
    Sara, a very tedious Epic LT to craft that take many players years to make once, that has the ability +5 energy. The only redeeming thing about her would be her weapon, that currently not a single player owns, and that weapon takes massive amounts of resources probably near the thousands for completions on the Legends boss to get. But when you are at that stage, sacrificing your Crown and Ring to make her gun are not worth it. If her ability was something not + energy that was somewhat appealing I could see many players wanting to own her and it would be nice to see players use this LT, but the only time you'll ever see her is when you fill your experience bar.
    Keira, an Epic LT from an event, has a substantially weak ability, you have a 2% chance to cap your health loss to 20% at 1*, and her ability remains very weak until you get around the 6* region. You're way way dead before this has a chance to proc, and what good does taking 20% do? 2% for nano or some better defensive ability could make her very playable. It's a shame because her artwork is amazing.
    Natalie and Vincent, health loss to make their ability work, I can see what you're trying to do here but the amount you give up puts you near or at dead to get some benefit and nobody seems to know if healing resets numbers or not, very confusing which turns people away.

    This got pretty TLDR but there are a few more LTs floating around out there, but these were the ones I see as being too weak, or confusing for players to use.

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