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Thread: EVE Inprovement Idea

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    EVE Inprovement Idea

    A small suggestion but would definitely help make eve more exciting for individual members of an empire. Develop a way for the individual to be able to see their individual points in leaderboard (LB) categories so you can track how close/far you are from current leader. Killer with 3 tokens left and need one more big hit to pass leader for player damage? Makes those 3 tokens so much more exciting to drop! Assassin and need 3 ko’s to pass current leader? Better incentive to hang around war to make sure you beat him to those decaps! Same with building damage for demo toons. Keep coming up just a little short? More incentive to roll crates to star up a certain toon knowing you come in 2nd on LB often and have a chance to start taking too spot. A minor addition like this could bring more interest, excitement and activity to EVE.

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    Re: EVE Inprovement Idea

    Already there. The little right facing arrows at the bottom of the EvE leaderboard.

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