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Thread: Critical crates

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    Critical crates

    I had this idea that for each crate of the same type that a player rolls, there would be this counter, like the one in the hunting range. And basically, every 10th roll of the same type of crate, the player gets a critical roll which has better odds, for example: 50% chance at an uncommon, 35% chance at a rare, and 15% chance at an epic.

    The point of this is so players are more excited about crate rolling since they're likely to get something decent on the 10th roll and not go on long streaks of commons and uncommons. Since it would be only on every 10th roll of each specific crate, it shouldn't have much of an effect on the amount of rares/epics being brought into the game. It would just make crate rolling feel a lot better to players.

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    Re: Critical crates

    Someone get this man a beer and a trophy.

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    Re: Critical crates

    I’ve also seen other games with similar mechanics use pity timers such that every time you don’t get X the chance to get X is slightly higher on the next attempt and keeps getting higher until you get it at which point the pity timer resets. Something like this could guarantee a minimum of 1 epic every 20 rolls, 1 rare every 10 and 1 uncommon every 5.

    Knowing that I have a 55% chance of getting a common is pretty demotivating so I’d be much more inclined to want to roll crates if something like this or the previously mentioned idea were implemented.

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    Re: Critical crates

    This is a great idea.

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    Re: Critical crates

    I like this idea as well

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    Re: Critical crates

    This is a fantastic idea. Make it so!

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    Re: Critical crates

    I like it too

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    Re: Critical crates

    Yes please 👍🏻

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    Re: Critical crates

    Quote Originally Posted by Xcali1985 View Post
    Someone get this man a beer and a trophy.
    No, give that man an epic crate roll !!!

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    Re: Critical crates

    anything that removes commons out of a crate roll is a plus even after every 10 rolls I'll take that.

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