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Player does not exist
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Thread: Player does not exist

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    Player does not exist

    For clarity, the thread title should technically be “Target does not exist” but I don’t seem to be able to edit that.

    I’ve just encountered an error in EvE where when I tried to hit a defender in 5 I got an error saying “target does not exist”. Any attempts at interacting with that toon triggers that pop up making it impossible to kill the toon or open the building. Upon further inspection I discovered that this error is affecting 36 of the 80 members in that empire. I don’t really care to be honest as I’m currently just hanging out in a gold tier empire but at the same time I think it needs to be fixed with a relatively high level of urgency as it breaks EvE by making 36 of their toons literally untouchable. I can’t work out how to upload a picture on mobile but the empire were are playing against is called “The Blaze” and is currently ranked gold 341 and boss 1924.

    Edit: I’ve also just been informed that the leader of my empire gets the pop up “Your target is not a part of this battle!” Instead of the “target does not exist” message that I’m receiving

    Update: it looks like the problem is fixed now. Thanks for the fast response
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    Re: Player does not exist

    Glad to hear because I got the same error message and I am also gold tier.
    “Target does not exist” was the last player and it resulted in we could not demo the building.
    Had to chance calls and wasted all that tokens.

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